Tropical Jungle Pack (v8)




INCLUDED: 10 models (.SPM) in hero and desktop resolutions 20 drop-in-ready exports in the spring and fall seasons.

Acacia Sapling (Desktop)
Tropical Almond Forest (Desktop)
Tropical Almond Sapling (Desktop)
Cinnamon Fern 1 (Hero)
Coconut Palm (Hero)
Coconut Palm 2 (Desktop)
Coconut Palm Sapling (Desktop)
Sabal Palm (Desktop)
Balloon Vine 1 and 2 (Desktop)
Balloon Vine 1 and 2 (Hero)

.SPM files Compatible with SpeedTree 8 and include:
-Unlimited seasonal variations using seasons slider and curves.
-Full set of PBR leaf and bark textures (2k leaf textures, 4k leaf cluster textures and 4k bark textures).
-Tuned wind animation.
-Defined LOD settings.

(Scalable wind effects not currently compatible with Unity HDRP)

REQUIREMENTS: Unity: 2019.2.3+

For the full power of SpeedTree v8 with seasonal and structural variations, this product requires the SpeedTree Modeler to export. Available as a free export-only license or subscription license at $19 USD/month.
User License: Use of this product is subject to the terms of the SpeedTree Model Library Component End User License Agreement


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