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The Illustrated Nature is a complete 3D environment pack, using unique art style & techniques that inspired other assets on the store.
It’s the first and only package in this style to contain convincing wind effect with animated leaves, animated clouds & tools to create a stylized & original experience at the best quality on the Unity Asset Store.
The Illustrated Nature is created for those who want to tell a story in a colorful, lively and painterly world.

Default 3D ready, URP & HDRP supported via included packages (latest Unity LTS version only).

The package is made out of a series of stylized vegetation models (trees, shrubs, grass, rocks, plants), shaders, image effects and scripts put together in a scene with sounds and music, with the goal to make it useful and ready to use in any project.
You will be able to easily change the seasons using the Color Manager tool and the included shaders.
The shaders come with option to activate snow with one click. Adjust the look of the scene from a subtle frost in a cold morning to a heavy snow in the middle of the winter.

Some of the highlighted features of the package are:
2 Demo Scenes – one large environment to explore and a second smaller pine tree forest.
Color Palettes – 4 included color palettes, plus wintertime.
Colored Fog – custom fog image effect that lets you control the colors of the fog and stylize it to your needs.
Clouds – cloud solution based on particle system, with infinite variations.
Custom Shaders – animated vegetation, snow layer for winter season, terrain colors that can be controlled through material.
Animated Vegetation – subtle movement and rotation of the leaves makes the animations look fluid and natural.
Colored Water – custom water shader, simple to stylize to your needs.
Color Manager (Script) – a comprehensive tool to manage the colors on your materials from one place. You are able to create as many color palettes as you need and easily switch between them.

The style of the art is unique and set up in a way that will allow you to customize it to your needs. There are 14 individual white textures with alpha for the vegetation, compressed at a 256×256 size. All the colors in the scene are controlled through the color property of the materials.

It contains 24 unique models and over 40 prefab variations:
3 x leafy trees – lush and dead versions with LODs.
3 x pine trees – green and dead version with LODs.
3 x shrubs – lush and dead versions with LODs.
3 x rocks – carefully sculpted to work well small and large.
5 x plants – a water lily and flowers to add color accents to your lush plains.
3 x grass – optimized with LODs and ready to use over large areas.
5 x dead ground models – branches and leaves to add detail to your ground.

Please follow the installation steps in the documentation for each pipeline, to avoid warnings or errors.

If you get input errors with the provided character controller, please switch the Active Input Handling to Both in Project Settings/Player.

Enjoy! Every model is made with patience and love, and harmoniously sits inside the scene like a brush stroke in a painting.


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