Dice Stacking PRO Cup Set – Professional Straight Cups with 5 Razor Edges




Dice stacking is performance art, akin to juggling or sleight-of-hand, in which the performer scoops dice off a flat surface with a dice cup and then sets the cup down while moving it in a pattern that stacks the dice into a vertical column via centripetal force and inertia. Various dice arrangements tricks, colors of dice, scooping patterns, and props allow for many degrees of complexity and difficulty. Dice Stacking game is usually performed with canceled casino dice, as their square edges and heavyweight give them an advantage when being stacked. We Have The Perfect Dice Stack Cup Kit Set suitable for up to 5 die Grade AAA. Dice Stack Cup Height: 3.5inch / 9cm Dice Stacking Cup Diameter: 2.7inch / 7cm Die Size: 19mm Our dice meet or exceed all exacting casino dice specifications for precision True Precision: our Grade AAA dice are precise to 0.05mm, which is 1/3 the thickness of eyelash Razor edges and flush pips drilled to identical depths ensure truly random rolls Dice wrapped in golden foil.


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