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Works with Unity 2019!
Super Tilemap Editor is a powerful and easy to use tile editor with everything you need to create any game based on tiles. Use it not only to create tilemaps but also as a powerful level editor placing prefabs as if they were tiles.

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*** Features ***
• Easy and fun to use
• Full Editor integration
• Sprite Mask Interaction Support
• Export to Png any tilemap or tilemap group
• Attach a prefab to any tile
• Tile Vertex Painting New in V1.4.5
• Pyxel Edit import (experimental & unsupported)
• Tiled TMX import *(not fully supported only supports basic importation of rectangular tiles and layers, not objects, animations, collisions, tile properties …)
• Tilemap Parallax New in V1.4.3
• Run-Time tilemap generation with colliders
• Create Tile Views or Tile prefabs for easy painting
• Fully customizable 2D & 3D seamless tile colliders created on the fly
• Tilemap Groups (aka tilemap layers)
• Fully Customizable Brushes
• Autotiling modes: self, other & group
• Support for subdivided autotiling
• Copy, Cut, Fill, Rotate and Flip tile edition
• Tint, Pixel Snap and Sorting render options
• Tile and brush user parameters: int, float, bool & prefab
• Tile and brush prefab creation
• Full source code available
• Optimized for mobile devices
• Reduced scene size
• Two tilesets (platformer & rogue) using CC0 kenney’s assets and demo scenes

– Special Thanks to Kenney for the CC0 Graphic Assets:, used for the samples
– Special Thanks to AndyGFX – CubesTeam for the Pyxel Edit importer


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